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Melting Ice Reveals New Island off Greenland
06.03.07 -- Long connected to Greenland's coast by ice, this tiny island escaped recognition for what it was for nearly a century. The island was only identified in September 2005, by Dennis Schmitt, an explorer from Berkeley, Calif. Melting ice enabled Schmitt to detect the island while flying over northwestern Greenland.
Large Area of Antarctica Melted, Re-Froze in 2005
05.31.07 -- The interior of Antarctica has generally appeared to be staying well below freezing. In May 2007, however, a team of researchers found evidence of warming and melting as much as 900 kilometers (500 miles) inland.
Glacial Retreat
05.15.07 -- Perhaps the most visible sign that Earth's climate is warming is the gradual shrinking of its glaciers. In the past 125 years, the Athabasca Glacier, the most visited glacier in North America, has lost half of its volume and receded more than 1.5 kilometers.
Recovery Ice Stream
04.26.07 -- A slab of ice larger than the continental United States smothers much of East Antarctica. Draining from the East Antarctic Ice Sheet is a river of ice nearly 800 kilometers long. This stream, the Recovery Ice Stream, slides roughly 35 billion tons of ice into the ocean each year.
Lakes Drain under Antarctic Ice Sheet
04.24.07 -- Throughout Antarctica, broad ribbons of ice shed large quantities of frozen water into the ocean. Glaciologists monitor these ice streams because they can affect sea level. The operation of Antarctica's sub-glacial plumbing must be inferred from surface elevation changes because the water hides thousands of feet below the surface.
AIM Spacecraft Testing
04.11.07 -- This video shows some of the environmental tests that were conducted on the spacecraft at Orbital Sciences Corporation, in Dulles, Va.
AIM Launch and Deploy
04.11.07 -- This animation shows the launch and deployment of the AIM spacecraft from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California aboard a Pegasus XL rocket.
AIM Spacecraft in Orbit
04.11.07 -- This animation shows the AIM satellite orbiting the Earth, providing the data needed to determine the role of polar mesospheric clouds as an important indicator of our planet's changing climate.
Noctilucent Cloud Sightings
04.11.07 -- This animation shows polar mesospheric clouds that form during each polar regionā??s summer months in the coldest place in the atmosphere.
What is a Noctilucent Cloud?
04.11.07 -- This animation shows noctilucent clouds that typically form in the cold, summer polar mesosphere region and are made of water ice crystals.

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