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2008 Arctic Sea Ice Concentration Map
03.18.08 -- Using the latest satellite observations from early 2008, NASA researchers and others report that the Arctic is still on 'thin ice' when it comes to the condition of sea ice cover in the region. This ice concentration map from March 9, 2008, shows maximum extent of sea ice in the Northern Hemisphere.
Arctic Sea Ice Distribution by Age
03.18.08 -- The sea ice in the Arctic is much younger than normal, with vast regions now covered by first-year ice. The left image shows February distribution of ice by its age during normal Arctic conditions (1985-2000 average), and the right illustrates February 2008 Arctic ice age distribution.
Algae Bloom in Antarctic Sea Ice
03.12.08 -- It was late summer 2007 in the Southern Hemisphere when NASA's Aqua satellite captured this image of Antarctica's Ross Sea (left). The image reveals a subtler sign of the growing season: The yellowish-green tinge of some of the sea ice is probably a bloom of algae.
Mega-iceberg A53a, South Atlantic
03.05.08 -- Astronauts captured images of this massive iceberg from the International Space Station on Jan. 18, 2008. At the time, the iceberg was in the Atlantic Ocean some distance from Tierra Del Fuego in South America. Glaciologists think this iceberg is fast approaching the point of breaking up.
Cloud Streets Across Caspian Sea
01.11.08 -- South of the loosely packed ice in the northern part of the sea, parallel rows of clouds line up along the north-south axis of the wind. These clouds form when cold air blows over the warmer, moister air that sits over the water.
Robert Bindschadler's Antarctic Blog
12.13.07 -- NASA's Robert Bindschadler wrote a blog during his latest trip to Antarctica on a quest to carry out experiments at Pine Island Glacier. The blog details his journey to learn more about why the glacier's ice shelf is experiencing accelerated thinning of its ice, causing an impact on sea level.
Petermann Glacier, Greenland
08.30.07 -- Seasonal changes in Greenland ice sheets during summertime are apparent in this image of the Petermann Glacier, located in the far northwestern part of the island.
Northwest Passage Nearly Open
08.28.07 -- Explorers have sought a Northwest Passage for centuries, meeting with disappointment and tragedy each time. Even now, navigating from the Atlantic to the Pacific through Canada's Arctic Islands has been difficult. The summer of 2007, however, saw sufficient sea ice retreat to change the character of the fabled sea route.
Volcanic Ash on Slopes of Karymsky
06.17.07 -- Of the volcanic products that linger on the land, most of us think of hardened lava flows, but volcanic ash can also persist on the landscape. One example of that persistence appeared on Siberia's Kamchatka Peninsula in spring 2007.
Iceberg A22A, South Atlantic Ocean
06.16.07 -- These Space Station astronaut photographs capture the remains of a giant iceberg that broke off Antarctica in 2002. The iceberg was photographed on May 30 about a third of the distance from South America towards Cape Town, South Africa.

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