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NASA Joins USGS to Produce Best-Ever Satellite Views Of Antarctica
03.07.07 -- Researchers from NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey have woven together more than a thousand images from the Landsat 7 satellite to create the most detailed high-resolution map ever produced of Antarctica.
NASA's Aura Satellite Sheds new Light On Air Quality and Ozone Hole
12.14.04 -- NASA scientists announced the agency's Aura spacecraft is providing the first daily, direct global measurements of low-level ozone and many other pollutants affecting air quality.
Scientists Report Increased Thinning of West Antarctic Glaciers
09.23.04 -- Glaciers in West Antarctica are shrinking at a rate substantially higher than was observed in the 1990s. They are losing 60 percent more ice into the Amundsen Sea than they accumulate from inland snowfall.
Arctic Ozone Loss More Sensitive to Climate Change Than Thought
04.23.04 -- A cooperative study involving NASA scientists quantifies, for the first time, the relationship between Arctic ozone loss and changes in the temperature of Earth's stratosphere.

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